Selected publications in 2018

Victors: a web-based knowledge base of virulence factors in human and animal pathogens.
Sayers S, Li L, Ong E, Deng S, Fu G, Lin Y, Yang B, Zhang S, Fa Z, Zhao B, Xiang Z, Li Y, Zhao XM, Olszewski MA, Chen L, He Y.
Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

Victors ( is a novel, manually curated, web-based integrative knowledge base and analysis resource for VFs of pathogens that cause infectious diseases in human and animals.

Joint Learning of Multiple Differential Networks With Latent Variables.
Ou-Yang L, Zhang XF, Zhao XM, Wang DD, Wang FL, Lei B, Yan H.
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (2018)

In this paper, we propose a joint differential network analysis (JDNA) model to jointly estimate multiple differential networks with latent variables from multiple data sets.

DrPOCS: Drug repositioning based on projection onto convex sets.
Wang YY, Cui CF, Qi LY, Yan H, Zhao XM.
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (2018)

In this paper, by formulating the drug-disease associations as a low-rank matrix, we propose a novel method, namely DrPOCS, to identify candidate indications of old drugs based on projection onto convex sets (POCS).

MVP: a microbe-phage interaction database.
Gao NL, Zhang C, Zhang Z, Hu S, Lercher MJ, Zhao XM, Bork P, Liu Z, Chen WH.
Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

The main purpose of MVP (Microbe Versus Phage) is to provide a comprehensive catalog of phage–microbe interactions and assist users to select phage(s) that can target (and potentially to manipulate) specific microbes of interest.