Selected publications in 2021

OGEE v3: Online GEne Essentiality database with increased coverage of organisms and human cell lines.
Gurumayum S, Jiang P, Hao X, Campos TL, Young ND, Korhonen PK, Gasser RB, Bork P, Zhao XM, He LJ, Chen WH.
Nucleic Acids Res. (2020)

OGEE v3 contains gene essentiality datasets for 91 species; almost doubled from 48 species in previous version. To accommodate recent advances on human cancer essential genes (as known as tumor dependency genes) that could serve as targets for cancer treatment and/or drug development, we expanded the collection of human essential genes from 16 cell lines in previous to 581.

mMGE: a database for human metagenomic extrachromosomal mobile genetic elements.
Lai S, Jia L, Subramanian B, Pan S, Zhang J, Dong Y, Chen WH, Zhao XM.
Nucleic Acids Res. (2020)

Here we present mMGE, a comprehensive catalog of 517 251 non-redundant eMGEs, including 92 492 plasmids and 424 759 phages, derived from diverse body sites of 66 425 human metagenomic samples.

STAB: a spatio-temporal cell atlas of the human brain.
Song L, Pan S, Zhang Z, Jia L, Chen WH, Zhao XM.
Nucleic Acids Res. (2020)

Here, we present STAB (a Spatio-Temporal cell Atlas of the human Brain), a database consists of single-cell transcriptomes across multiple brain regions and developmental periods. Right now, STAB contains single-cell gene expression profiling of 42 cell subtypes across 20 brain regions and 11 developmental periods.